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Careers and Post 16 Information

Sheffield Progress, a service that enables Y11 students to search for and apply to sixth form courses, apprenticeships and training programmes, will be accepting applications from October half term onwards.  The deadline for applications is 31st January for the whole city. 

We bring our deadline forward to allow us time to check and correct any applications as needed.  It is important to note most providers look at applications as they are sent so there is an advantage to getting applications in early.  You can also use the search facility at any time to find out more information about different courses and where you can study.  A link to their website can be found here


A list of Sheffield College and Sixth Form Open Evenings across the city for Year 11 students will be available at school.

The September Guarantee

All young people should have a suitable offer of an appropriate place in Post-16 education or training in a school, college or work-based training for the September after they complete their GCSE year.  The age young people must stay in education and training until is 18.

The September Guarantee is supported by good quality education, information, advice and guidance. This can come from a number of sources, which include:

  • Teachers

  • Parents and family friends

  • Careers Advisers

  • On-line and printed information about courses, progression routes and employment routes

The September Guarantee offers a place in one of the following:

  • A school sixth form

  • A college of further education

  • An apprenticeship

  • Employment with training to at least level 2

If you have any questions about career education and guidance at school, please contact D Haimeed (Careers Adviser) or Miss Cassy (Faculty Leader of Life and Wellbeing) email: jcassy@firvale.com   

Tel: 01142 439391 ext 1126