Our School

Our Curriculum

Fir Vale School offers an engaging and ambitious curriculum designed so all of our students can make great progress in their academic attainment.  We have planned our curriculum so that students know more and remember more in all of their subjects.

We recognise that we are preparing our students to live in a diverse and rapidly changing world where the skills of independence and self-regulation will be key to future success. Alongside our academic curriculum, we believe in ensuring our pupils have a broad range of ‘life’ skills and cultural experiences. The personal development of our students is key.

We have a strong focus on literacy.  A reading curriculum is in place for all students. Those that need extra support in reading are quickly identified and supported beyond the curriculum. We also have a strong provision in our ‘Literacy Hub’ for students who are new to the country or still developing the English language.

During Y9 our students make their choices for Key Stage 4. Our students are guided and supported to make the right curriculum choices they need for their next steps in education and potential career pathways.

At Fir Vale School, every child is supported and cared for. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss your child’s learning.