Y11 Online Spanish Learning - Lockdown 2021
What do I need to do EACH week?

Go to  Teams and check you have an invite from your Spanish teacher. 

This will be in your NORMAL lesson times:

9am for lesson 1

11am for lesson 2

1.30pm for lesson 3 

Your teacher will teach you on Teams.

Your teacher will teach you on Teams.

You will need YOUR book and the information or booklets that we sent home. We might do work on Microsoft Forms – so have a look at it to see how it works or we might ask you to take a photo of your work completed & email it.

We will also use to complete assignments.

Your topic is: jobs, career choices and ambitions.

Our emails are:    Mr Salgado 

Extension work: 

Use BBC bitesize or Oak National Academy to do some independent revision on topics we have already studied 

GCSE Spanish - AQA - BBC Bitesize

 Spanish lessons for Key Stage 4 students - Oak National Academy (