Y11 Online Science learning -  Week commencing  21/6/21

What do I need to do this week?

When is my work due? Who do I send it to?

Go to

Watch the lessons on;

1. Lesson 9 Properties of resistors
2. Lesson 10 Filament lamps

Complete the tasks given in the video lessons. Take a screen shot of the quizzes and a photo of your work completed.

Online tasks 
My Science GCSE
Complete section 10 Electricity in the Physics paper 2 part of My Science GCSE. Watch the videos and complete the quizzes and exam questions.

Active learn
Complete the tasks set by your teacher on active learn.

If you can email your work typed, or a photo of it and send it to your Science teacher at their email address below.

If you can’t send your work by email, keep it in your green exercise book until you return to school.

Dr Rehman =

Mr Williams =

Mr Chorlton =

Dr Suleman =

Mr Wannell=

Mrs Khan =

Mr Davies =


Ms Newton =