Y11 Drama Home Study - Summer Term 1 2021

What do I need to do this week? When is my work due?  Who do I send it to?

Our priority is to complete the following assignments on Teams.

Working with Masks;

  • Assignment 1
  • Assignment 2
  • Assignment 4
  • Assignment 7

Live Performance;

  • Assignment 3
  • Assignment 5
  • Assignment 6
  • Assignment 7

Please use the ‘Catch Up Booklets’ on the Files section of Teams to help you with the assignments.


Please join the Teams lesson during your usual timetabled lesson if you have any questions. 

Your teacher will ask you submit your work in a variety of ways, depending on the task.

You may be asked to submit your work by:

· Taking a picture or screenshot of your work and posting it in the ‘Meeting Chat’.

· Submitting your work via ‘Teams Assignments’.

· Uploading homework on Class Charts.

· Emailing your work to your teacher.

Your teacher will make it clear how they would like to receive the work in the lesson.

Please save any written work to put in your Drama folder when you return to school.

Please email your Drama teacher if you have any problems. Mrs Swift eswift@firvale.com 

Challenge Activity

If you have time for a challenge activity then please work on improving you assignments in Teams. You have electronic versions of the catch up booklets on Teams to help you. 

February Half Term - Drama Competition