Y11 Citizenship - 2021 Remote Learning
 What do I need to do this week  When is my work due?  who do I send it to?
Go to Teams.  You will have an invite from your teacher. If you do not have an invite, e-mail your teacher 

This will be at your normal lesson time:

9am - Lesson 1
11am - Lesson 2
1:30pm - Lesson 3

Your teacher will teach you on Teams.

You will need your exercise book or some paper and a pen. 

On Tuesday 12th January and Wednesday 13th (depending which class you are in) you will also need the exam paper you received in the post.

If you did not receive your pack, e-mail Miss Cassy for an electronic version.  This will also be available on the day.

Your topics for this half term are:

  • Paper 2 Revision
  • Paper 2 Practice Paper
  • Local and Devolved Government
  • Political Power

Our emails are: 

Miss Cassy:

Mrs Montgomery: 

Extension work 

Follow the events in the USA on the BBC news website 

Documents that have been e-mailed to all students that can be used for revision: 

  • Past paper
  • Revision guide
  • Mind map templates for unit 9-16
  • PowerPoints from lessons delivered on Teams
  • Now Test Yourself and Exam Practice model answers (to go with revision guide)