Noreen Kaseem

Beauty Salon Owner

Class of 2008

Life after Fir Vale started with a started a Level 3 course in Health and Social Care. This wasn’t for me, I really wanted to set up my own beauty salon, but I still worked to my best as I knew that I’d need references from my college. So I started to apply for jobs around the time I turned 18. As well as that in my spare time I researched and practised nail and eyebrow techniques on family and friends. I kept my skills current, and tried new techniques.

Then I got a job at a hair salon which also provided beauty services. This was because I had excellent records of attendance, punctuality and effort at both school and college, and excellent references. I have great interpersonal skills which is important in this industry. At the interview I was able to demonstrate my skills and show my GCSE results from Fir Vale.

On top of that I had my basic English and Maths qualifications and demonstrated a strong work ethic. I stayed there for 3 years and gained more invaluable experience, but still working towards my dream of having my own salon.I didn’t really want to leave there but I needed to fulfil my dream.

Now I have set up my own beauty salon! It was a massive challenge and being self-employed gives you choices but a lot of responsibility.  

My message to students is: 

The world is yours! Follow your dream but work hard to achieve it. It doesn’t happen overnight and there is different ways to get there, but the only way I know of is to work hard and stay focussed.