Sofia Aslam

Qualifying as a Corporate Lawyer in London

Class of 2012

English Language, Psychology and Sociology

Law Degree, University of Sheffield.

After completing my GCSE's at Firvale, I decided to go on and study A-levels in English Language, Psychology and Sociology at King Edward VII Sixth form.

During my time there, I realised that my abilities in writing, problems solving and constructing arguments were actually some of my strongest skills, and so I chose to pursue a law degree at the University of Sheffield.

Whilst studying law and with the support of an organisation called Rare Recruitment, I made applications to gain work experience. I was offered a two week placement at a corporate law firm (Ashurst) in London during my second year at university.

Following my placement, I was then fortunate enough to secure funding to study a masters in London after graduating before commencing a two year training contract at Ashurst.

I'm now reaching the end of a (very tiring but also very exciting) 6 year journey to qualify as a corporate lawyer!

My message to students is: 

I once got offered an opportunity that I thought was impossible for me to pursue – and I said yes. Saying yes to a really intimidating opportunity opened so many doors for me.

My advice to current students would be for everyone to say yes to any opportunities to develop yourself, say yes to gaining knowledge about a particular career path and say yes to trying something new!

Think about what you want your life to be like in the distant future, and try to take small steps today to make those dreams a reality for you years down the line. This involves really thinking about what career and lifestyle you want quite early on, so that you are well informed about what you need to do to make that happen.

You should have absolute and unwavering confidence that you are all capable of achieving amazing things as long as you work hard for what you want