Combined Cadet Force at School

Fir Vale School has launched a Combined Cadet Force Section at School, the unit is attached to the Royal Army Medical Corps. It will work closely with the Northern General Hospital NHS Trust, South Yorkshire Police, 212 Field Hospital Royal Army Medical Corps and South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service.

As well as being a positive representative of the school, we believe that Combined Cadet Forces (CCF) can have a positive impact on the local area, whether that's through volunteering, getting involved in conservation or taking part in civic events. There are lots of positive examples of CCFs engaging with their local community.

The Combined Cadet Force offers an exceptional range of exciting activities for cadets to enjoy. Each of the Services has its own specific activities, which will be an important focus - but there are also some aspects which are common across all of the Services.

As well as exciting and adventurous pursuits, many of the activities you take part in with the CCF are focused on helping you gain new skills, improve your teamwork, confidence and leadership.