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A good day to you from the Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO)

dpaHello, I’m Dougal Partington and I am the SENCO at Fir Vale. I worked as a primary school teacher (and primary SENCO) for six years and since then have worked in secondary Special Educational Needs(SEND); the last twelve years here at Fir Vale, where I have been SENCO and Assistant Head Teacher since May 2011. I have been an Advanced Skills Teacher in SEN for over 11 years now.

A warm welcome to you from the Leader of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Dawn BroomHello, I’m Dawn Broom and I am the Leader of SEND at Fir Vale. I have worked in  Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEN) for over twenty years in a variety of  settings including Special School, Secondary with a Resourced Provision and Post 16.  I am a qualified Dyslexia Tutor and am also qualified to Post Graduate level in  Literacy and Language Development.  Here at Fir Vale I lead an incredibly talented and committed team of professionals who are dedicated to making a difference and getting the best academic, social and vocational outcomes for the young people we work with. I am passionate about Special Educational Needs and believe in Inclusion for all students. My aim is for students at Fir Vale with SEND to make progress both academically and socially.

We are a fully inclusive school and currently have over 300 students on our Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) register, with a full range of SEND including: -

The ethos at Fir Vale of ‘every teacher a teacher of SEN, Literacy and English Language Development’ is fully embedded in every classroom and reflected in rigorous staff training and high expectations in these areas.

One way in which we engage with parents about SEND is through an Annual Event. This year’s SEND parents' event took place in the Autumn term and was well supported by external professionals that work with our pupils.

The linked PowerPoint 'Working in and out of the classroom' gives more information about how we co-ordinate our in class and withdrawal interventions with other departments and agencies to make the real difference that students experience.

Fir Vale school as part of the SEND local offer:

To find out more about what we and other local schools offer in terms of Special Needs provision please follow the Local Offer link below. Then, to see more detail of Fir Vale’s extensive provision for SEND, click on Local Offer, then Education Learning and Training and search for Fir Vale.

The Local Offer Website

Keep up to date with what’s new in SEND at Fir Vale and nationally by checking this section of the website.

Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Po
Working in and out of the classroom