Y10 Maths - Monday 11th January - Friday 12th February 2021
What do I need to do this week? When is my work due?  Who do I send it to?

1. Check your Teams calendar and join every Maths lesson.

2. Listen to your teacher and complete all the work set during the lesson. Your teacher might ask you to take a photo of your work, send an email or do a small test on the screen.

3. Check that you have completed all your Homework tasks set by your teacher on Hegarty Maths

Complete all your class work during the lesson.

Complete all of your Hegarty Homework by the end of each week. 

If you can email your work typed, or a photo of it, you can send to your Maths teacher at their email address below. You can also send it to your teacher using your MS Teams app.

Keep all of your work safe so you can show your teacher when you are back in school.

Mr Kelly
Mr Tesfaselassie
Mrs Kauser
Mrs Carmichael
Mr Darazkan
Mr Ditta
Mrs Pickwell
Mr Sachdev
Mr Yousef
Miss Baxter
Mrs Asbery