Y10 GCSE Religious Studies -2021 Remote Learning
What do I need to do this week? When is my work due? Who do I send it to?

Go to Teams. You will have an invite from Miss Lowry.  

This will be at your normal lesson time:

  • 9am Lesson 1
  • 11am Lesson 2
  • 1:30pm Lesson 3

Miss Lowry will teach you on Teams. 

You will need your exercise book or some paper and a pen.

It would also be useful for you to have your RE revision guide and the purple “Christianity” textbook to help you with your work.

Your topic for this half term is “Philosophy of Religion”.

This is topic two from the purple Christianity textbook, pages 46 – 75.

You could also use pages 51 – 59 from the “Religious Studies” revision guide.

In this topic, we are going to focus on;

  • Revelation
  • Miracles
  • Visions
  • Religious Experiences
  • Prayers
  • Creation Theories
  • Religious Upbringing 
You are going to complete some past exam questions on this once we have finished this topic.

My email is:
Miss Lowry:

Extension work 

Revise the other 3 Christianity topics; Christian Beliefs, Living the Christian Life, Equality. 

There are lots of revision resources on Google Classroom, Y11 RE revision, Code = hiuc7ea

If you require any additional resources then email Miss Lowry and she will help you with whatever you need.