Y10 PHOTOGRAPHY  On line learning  January – February 2021

What do I need to do each week ?

Go to Teams and check you have an invite from your Art teacher (Mr Stones) 

Lesson times are :

P1 9.00-10.30

P2 11.00 – 12.30

P3 1.30 – 3.00

To be successful It is vital you have access to a device that takes photographs and some means of transferring and editing the images

You will also need paper/pencil/pen and if possible pencil crayons. Some of the work you do will be copied up into your sketchbook at a later date, some of it can be cut out and stuck in. All work will add to your final assessment grade. 

Follow the Powerpoint on Teams and use the meeting chat to respond to questions. It is helpful if you can share your work by photographing it and attaching it in the chat during the lesson. 

Powerpoints from lessons will also be posted on Class Charts in the homework section.



We are continuing with our Introduction to Techniques  CW project. We will be looking at how different photographers  have explored viewpoint, position and angle, using viewfinders, and using a range of lighting effects. We will be attempted to make our own images exploring these concepts.

If you wish to engage in independent work any additional research linking to the photographers and themes we have already looked at in this project will add to your assessment grade. Any of your own photographs which explore different viewpoints angles and frames will also enhance your assessed work.

I can be contacted here :-

to share work or to answer any further questions.