Parent Information

Parent Information – Home learning information for lockdown or self-isolation

This information is intended to provide clarity to parents/carers about what to expect from remote education where national or local restrictions require entire year groups (or bubbles) to remain at home or where there is a partial closure and some individual pupils are sent home due to the school track and trace system. 

What happens if my child is sent home as part of a bubble closure?

We may have some cases of Covid in school that may result in your child being sent home to isolate for up to 10 days. We call this a bubble closure. Your child will be collected from lesson, a phone call home made and a letter issued with their return date. During this time the rest of the school will continue with normal face to face lessons.

When your child arrives home they should work independently on Hegarty Maths, My GCSE Science or Active Learn websites and spend some time reading using the SORA App. The following day all teachers will be aware of your child’s absence. Work will be saved on the school website in the ‘Home Learning’ section in the subject bubbles. They follow their normal school timetable. If they have any concerns they should email their teachers directly.

Please encourage them to check Microsoft Teams, especially KS4 pupils as they may receive an invite to attend the lesson live.

If your child needs support with technology, please contact their Head of Year.

What should we expect if we go into immediate lockdown?

All communication will be uploaded onto Facebook and the school website. We will also send a text in the event of a school closure. A letter will be given to your child or sent home in the post.

We will ensure that all pupils are able to access their work remotely using an electronic device.

How will my child access their online learning?

Microsoft Teams is the platform we use to deliver live lessons.  All pupils and staff have been trained in using this. Resources to facilitate these lessons are saved in Microsoft Assignments and on the school website.  There may be times where your child is asked to use the BBC Bitesize and the Oak National Academy websites. The content here links directly to our curriculum.

Teachers may also post out useful materials such as exam papers or reading books; again these will link directly to the curriculum. There will be no long term project work.

What if my child cannot access their learning online?

You should contact the Head of Year if your child needs support with technology or online learning. We are able to provide laptops, 4g routers, dongles and additional data for mobile phones for those most in need.  Registers will be taken every lesson, if your child is not attending you will receive a call. Support will be given to get your child online.

If your child is still unable to access their learning from home, they are welcome to come in to school and use the technology here. Please contact Mrs Montgomery to book your place.

Teachers will accept work that is submitted online and handwritten. If you require printouts of any resources, please let the Head of Year know and we will post them out to you.

What is taught to my child when they are at home?

We teach the same curriculum remotely as we do in school wherever possible and appropriate. However, we may need to make some adaptions for practical subjects e.g. in DT where specialist equipment is required, or in Drama where group work is essential.

How long will my child be learning?

All children in KS3 & KS4 are expected to work for 5 hours a day. This is a recommendation from the DfE.  Your child will have 3 x 1hr 30mins lessons a day, a break and a lunch. They need to be logged on and ready to start learning on time. They are also recommended to work for an additional 30 minutes a day on independent activities such as homework.

What support can I provide at home for my child?

Routine and structure is vital. We expect pupils to attend all lessons and engage in their learning. Work should be submitted to the teacher when requested. Please talk to your child about their learning as they will be missing socialising and having real conversations with their friends and teachers. Ensure they take regular screen breaks and please check their online activity. If you need any support, please contact the school if you have any concerns or see our well-being and mental health bubble.

How will teachers monitor my child’s progress?

Teachers will record your child’s attendance every lesson. They will also check in on them during the lesson by asking them questions and taking answers verbally or in the chat. Your child’s engagement will be measured using our Attitude to Learning Scores (1-4). These will be shared with you in their school report or earlier if your support is required. Teachers will assess your child’s learning through online tests using Microsoft Forms.

How will you support my child if they have additional needs?

Our SEND Co-ordinator; Mrs Broom and the learning support team will provide support for pupils with additional needs, especially those who will find it particularly difficult working independently or at home in isolation. In this situation, a key worker will have 1-1 contact with your child. On some occasions they may be invited to work in school with their key worker if this supports their routine. We also have our Link team who are working with many pupils who may be struggling with their mental health during this time, again some in school work may be necessary to support your child.