Rose Almond

Class of 2010 

It’s 10 years since I left Fir Vale – and since then I’ve moved around quite a bit! I went to King Edwards for 6th form studying, Maths, Further maths, Economics and Psychology.

Doing well I got into Edinburgh University to study more maths but with a bit more focus on statistics. I very briefly lived in Austria for the summer doing an internship/more travel before starting a masters in medical statistics at Lancaster. 

Then I worked in Manchester at a hospital for a year, using that medical statistics degree, but whilst there I decided I wanted a bit more training as I started my career, so I applied for the civil service fast stream. I got accepted to the statistics stream and that sent me to the Office for National Statistics in south Wales, on my first day I even bumped into another Fir Vale Alumni – what’s the chances!?

Now I’m almost half way through the scheme and I’m working for Welsh Government as a statistician, I have quite a varied role ranging from publications to research and I quite enjoy being a civil servant. 

Message to students

Do what you enjoy and take up any opportunity you can.