Home School Agreement

We aim to raise aspirations and achievement of all students in a safe, stimulating learning environment.

We invite you to work with us in a partnership, to help your child fulfil their potential.


The School will:

1. Provide a safe, caring and supportive environment.

2. Provide a balanced, stimulating and well-taught curriculum to meet the needs of your child.

3. Achieve high standards of work and behaviour in the classroom supported by building good relationships and developing a sense of responsibility.

4. Set, mark and monitor appropriate independent or home study.

5. Check and sign planner weekly.

6. Keep you informed about your child’s progress in school and other school related matters.

7. Be welcoming to parents and provide opportunities to become involved in the life of the school.

8. Ensure that all students follow the school’s Code of Conduct.


I will:

1. Attend school every day, on time and wearing full and correct uniform.

2. Bring correct equipment, planner and personal reading book to school every day.

3. Follow the Code of Conduct and respect all other members of the school community.

4. Do my best both in class and in my independent study.

5. Take a mature and active part in the life of the school.

6. Make the most of the opportunities given to me.


As Parent/Carer I will:

1. Take an active interest in all aspects of my child’s school life.

2. Make sure that my child attends school regularly, on time and is properly equipped for all lessons and activities, including wearing full school uniform.

3. Ensure I contact school if my child is ill or unable to attend.

4. Make sure that my child completes work that is set according to the school’s guidelines by checking and signing the planner weekly.

5. Encourage my child to follow the school’s Code of Conduct and support any agreed action taken by the school.

6. Support the school in recognising that the appropriate conduct of students is necessary to create a positive learning environment for everyone.

7. Encourage my child to develop attitudes and values appropriate to life in a multi-racial and culturally diverse society.

8. Attend parent meetings to discuss my child’s progress.

9. Let the school know about any concerns and problems that might affect my child’s work or behaviour.